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Shared Motion

Timing Objects may become online timing objects if they are connected to an online timing provider.

Shared Motion is provided by Motion Corporation through InMotion, a generic, online timing service for Web agents (i.e. IP-connected clients). Shared Motion by Motion Corporation implements the Timing Provider API and can therefore be used directly with the TimingObject.

Shared Motion solves multi-device timing and turns timing into a local challenge.

Timing Provider by Motion Corporation

If your application already uses the timing object for single-device timing, turning it into a multi-device application is trivial. All you need to do is to plug an online timing provider into the timing object.

var run = function (timingProvider) {
    var to = new TIMINGSRC.TimingObject({provider:timingProvider});

To test this with Shared Motions yourself, please follow these simple steps:

1. Create MCorp App

  • goto http://dev.mcorp.no
  • create your app
  • create a named motion inside your app
  • copy the APPID of your app

2. Include MCorp script in your web page

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mcorp.no/lib/mcorp-2.0.js"></script>

3. Initialise MCorp App object in your web page

var MCORP_MOTION_NAME = "your_motion_name";
var MCORP_APPID = "your_appid";

var app = MCorp.app(MCORP_APPID, {anon:true});
app.run = function () {
  var timingProvider = app.motions[MCORP_MOTION_NAME];
  if (document.readyState === "complete") {run(timingProvider);}
  else {window.onload = function () {run(timingProvider);};}

Further documentation for MCorp App initialisation available at dev.mcorp.no.